I used to care more about material possessions than experiences.

There, I said it. But I believe we all find our own path in our own unique timing. (For me, I grew up struggling with an eating disorder, and having material possessions was a way to make me feel more “beautiful” and “worthy”.) It wasn’t until my study abroad trip to Austria the summer of 2018 that my world changed and everyday since then, I’ve craved exploring as many cities and countries as I possibly can. (And yes, overtime I healed my eating disorder! More on my journey of self-love to come…)

To clarify, there is nothing wrong with wanting certain possessions that make you happy. However, things can never replace what truly matters in life- for me, it is exploring this beautiful world we live in, learning more about different cultures, spending time with those I love, and expanding my mind with the brilliance this Universe has to offer… It is scientifically proven that investing in experiences does indeed make you happier! Experiences connect us as people of the human race, not possessions. The more we travel and learn about other ways of life, the more we can encourage and advocate world peace.

I believe in mindful tourism, tourism that respects the local culture and benefits the local people. I highly recommend for you to learn some basics in the language of whatever country you are visiting not only out of respect, but to immerse yourself further into the unique culture of the country. (I have added basic phrases and words I found helpful in each travel guide!)

I hope you the travel guides I have provided down below. I don’t plan to stop traveling any time soon, so expect more to come!

Vienna Travel Guide

The Church of Bones (and how to get there from Prague!)

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