Musician, self-taught Yogi, future traveler, self-love and healthy lifestyle advocate.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to use my passions to change the world, no matter how big or small. Throughout my experiences in life, I have become passionate about inspiring others to lead with love and heal their relationships with themselves, in order to live the life they have always desired. My journey with self love has not always been an easy one, but I am grateful that my experiences help inspire others.

To put it simply, I had a hard time loving myself growing up. I was an incredibly shy and anxious kid. Since I spent so much time alone, I gravitated towards activities such as reading, drawing, video games and playing outside. Music was one of the only things that truly calmed me down. I loved listening to it and later on, I fell in love with playing the horn…(so much so, to where I majored in music performance at Indiana University).

However, for most of my childhood, I thought of myself as worthless. I tried validating my worth with working extra hard in school, being the most talented musician, student, and athlete, and looking and being “perfect”. I developed chronic insomnia at the age of 12, and by high school, I was only sleeping around 3 hours a night. When I was 15 years old, I found myself knee deep in an eating disorder that persisted until my college years. I over-exhausted myself in soccer, gymnastics, and track and needed two knee procedures (all at the ripe old age of 15 and 17). To top this giant mess off, I unfortunately discontinued my music performance degree and stopped playing the horn for a year because of an overuse injury.

Clearly, there was a trend here. A trend of working so hard past physical and mental limits in order to validate my worth…because deep down, I still didn’t love myself . Although I was implementing small changes towards self love here and there, the overuse injury pulled a fire alarm in my brain and forced me to take my physical and mental health seriously.

For years, my body was crying out for help, but this time I finally listened.

.…and I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

After a few years of practicing self-love, I’m beginning to see the woman I’ve always wanted to become.

As my relationship with food and exercise began to heal, I developed a passion for yoga, mindful movement, and eating whole plant-based foods. For months, I practiced meditation and positive affirmations daily in order to reduce my anxiety and improve confidence. Not only this, but I now know the importance of rest and recovery, and strive to have one day off of work or school a week.

I hit a huge milestone the summer of 2018 where I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and faced my fears of traveling to new places. (More on my trip coming soon!) I am so grateful for that experience, because I learned that traveling and learning about other cultures is a huge passion of mine.

Throughout my lifetime, I wish to capture the beauty of other countries with photography, film, and my stories in hopes to inspire you to fill your life with experiences and lasting memories. Through understanding various cultures and languages, we are able to help promote world peace and understanding.

I know now that my worth is not defined by my looks or external factors, but that I have always been worthy of love and capable of achieving my dreams. It was simply a matter of accepting and loving myself unconditionally, a process that isn’t always a straight path but is rewarding through and through.

My love for positive well-being is what drove me to begin this blog as well as my new YouTube channel, where I will continue to share my love of traveling the world, self-care and healthy living, and leading with love rather than fear.

If you see me walking down the street (or even in these photos!) I finally have a genuine smile on my face. I still have a long way to go, but I’m grateful and very proud of all the progress I’ve made. As for this blog, I will share my stories of recovery and discovery.

My goal is to help spread positivity through my passions of wellness, travel, conscious living, and to help inspire you to take meaningful action towards healing yourself and bettering your reality.

I am filled with gratitude for my past, because without it, I would not be the person I am today.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. You are so beautiful and loved.

❤ Alyssa

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